December Newsletter.


General Meeting – Wednesday  Dec 7th 9:30 a.m

St. Heliers Church Community Centre – Centennial Hall -  100 St Heliers Bay Road

Main Speaker.

Main Speaker

Study Group Presentations

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Kitchen Duty


President's Message.

New Members.
Next Month.

Wednesday, 2nd November

Main speaker: 

Kitchen Duty:  

Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting:
Study Groups.

Study Group registration sign-up sheets for 2023 will be available at the December meeting. If you have any suggestions/topics for new Study Group for next year (and are prepared to help set-up and or lead), then please contact our Study Group Convener, Gary Preston

DEADLINE for .............................Newsletter & Study Groups Update:  email to Margaret Waters at  by Sunday, ........................or earlier which is my preference.


Almoner:  If you are aware of any member who is ill or incapacitated, or suffering bereavement, would you please contact our Almoner, Susan Soper,   email

Monthly Meeting Protocol.

Please ensure that you register at the Greeting Table when you arrive. 

OR       Unable to attend Please send any apologies to   Stella McDonald, at

Name Badge.

A reminder to all members, and especially our new members, that you should put the name and contact details of your preferred contact person on the back on your name badge in case of any emergency.  Please ensure that you wear your Name Badge to all U3A meetings.  

St. Heliers U3A Website.

Our website is updated every month by Kathy Slater.  Newsletters, relevant information on study groups and much more can be found on this interesting site.

U3A On-line Courses.

These are available to all members. The online contact details are: .   There is no requirement for payment to access the course content.  Access will enable a review of the study content and further details relating to independent or supervised study.  If you are interested in any of the papers, please let Kathy Slater know,   and she will download the material as Auckland U3A network has already been registered and paid.

U3A St. Heliers History Booklet.

This interesting booklet was updated and reprinted for our 25th Anniversary and is available for purchase for $10. Copies will be available at the next meeting.   Highly recommended especially for our new members.

U3A Lapel Badges.

We are now able to offer ‘pin’ as well as ‘magnet’ lapel badges.  These will be available for purchase ($5 each) at the next meeting.  See Heather Baigent.