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u3a St. Heliers

U3A St Heliers is a vibrant and active group of people who enjoy learning, sharing ideas, increasing their knowledge and contributing through participation in Study/Interest Groups.


Our Monthly General Meetings feature guest speakers who give fascinating presentations on a variety of topics that make us think and encourage discussion. These keep members up to date with a wide range of local and global developments.  Recent speakers have included sports personalities, experts on climate change, art restoration, electric vehicles, and advancements in medical science.  These meetings are also an opportunity to socialise with other lifelong learners in your community.

u3a History.

U3A is a global movement that encourages mature people to keep their minds active and share their knowledge.  It began in France in 1972 as a means of enabling older achievers to continue learning and share their knowledge under the banner “University of the Third Age”.  The movement spread widely throughout Europe.


In 1981, U3A reached the United Kingdom, which developed a model based on peer-to-peer learning, away from academia. This same approach was adopted in Australia and New Zealand.  The first U3A in New Zealand was U3A Remuera, established in 1989.  U3A St Heliers followed in 1992.  There are now over 80 U3As in New Zealand, including 27 in the Auckland region.  Further Information can be found on


How We Operate.

Monthly meetings

At each monthly meeting we have a mini speaker from our membership and an expert main speaker. To read about our next monthly meeting CLICK HERE.


Study Groups

We encourage members to join one or more of our 21 study groups which cover a wide range of subjects. To browse our Study Groups CLICK HERE


Our monthly emailed newsletter is the main communication to u3a St Heliers members.  For those who are not connected to email we produce a printed and posted email version.

Our Structure.

u3a St Heliers is an incorporated society, and our officers are elected at our AGM. These officers and other committee members are elected at the AGM.   


The committee runs the organisation and consists of:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Membership   


Our Study Groups.

We have a range of Study/Interest Groups where members can explore, share knowledge and learn about specific subject areas.  These Groups also meet monthly and operate on a peer-to-peer basis, with members taking turns to lead activities or discussion. 


Study/Interest Groups provide an opportunity to delve more deeply into subject areas that have always interested you and to share your knowledge and interest with likeminded friends.  All Group members are expected to contribute.  In some Groups, that may require doing research and sharing what you have learned with the rest of the Group. 

Get in touch, or join one of our study groups.

•  We welcome visitors to our General Meetings

•  There are no criteria for membership, beyond an enquiring mind

•  No exams or qualifications are required

•  Current membership is $35 per annum

•  Participation in Study/Interest Groups follows on from membership.  As a member, you are welcome to join any Groups that interest you

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