Our Monthly Meeting Venue:
The first Wednesday of each month at 0930am
100 St Heliers Bay Road 


  President:  Barry Denholm

 Mob: 0210679074

  Secretary:  Heather Baigent

Mob: 021776388

  Treasurer: Alan Hay

Mob: 0210476650

  Membership: Janice Figge

  Mob: 0212608955

  Group Liaison: John Hole 

Mob: 021529098

Gary Preston


Postal Address:  St Heliers U3A,  C/O 55a Hanene Street, St Heliers ,Auckland 1071

Website: www.stheliersu3aauckland.com

Email:  stheliersu3a@gmail.com

“Those who teach shall also learn. Those who learn shall also teach”

Peter Laslett - U3A Cambridge, 1981

Photographs from each meeting will be posted on this site under the "Gallery' page - check to see if you appear







                      U3A St Heliers

    We are a vibrant and interactive group

    of people who enjoy sharing ideas,   

    increasing our knowledge, 

    socializing and contributing through

    participation in study/interest groups.


     Our monthly General Meetings have 

     speakers who provide thoughtful and

     discerning presentations that ensure

     we are conversant with a wide range

     of both local and global activities and 



    Through a medium of a 10 minute   

    presentation, our own members

    continue to surprise with insightful 

    details of their activities both present

    and previous to joining U3A St Heliers.