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General Meeting – Wednesday 7th aPRIL 2021 at 9:30 a.m

                 St. Heliers Church Community Centre - Centennial Hall -  100 St Heliers Bay Road 



THIS MONTH, WEDNESDAY, 7th April   - Main Speaker – RAVEEN JADURAM – “The Risks and Resilience of Auckland’s Water Supply”.    Raveen is a dedicated infrastructure leader with over 35 years of experience in water and infrastructure.  He is a Fellow of Engineering New Zealand, has Honours and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering and has undertaken management programmes at Stanford, INSEAD and Macquarie Universities.  He has held Chief Executive and senior roles in private and public sectors in Australia and in New Zealand, most recently as Chief Executive of Watercare Services Limited.  He is a director of The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission as well as family companies in New Zealand and Fiji.  He is on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Strategic Leadership.


Study Group Presentations:  The Scribblers;  Gallery Visits 1

Mini Speaker:    Alan Hay – TopicT.B.A.

Kitchen duty:    Music;  Countries of the World


NEXT MONTH – Wednesday,   5th May


Main speaker:   Professor Paul Spoonley – “Changing Demography of New Zealand”   

Study Group Presentations:  Antiques, Bygones and Collectibles;  The Travellers

Mini Speaker:  Margaret Gane U3A Network President

Kitchen Duty: Art History;  Book Reviews


President’s Message:  “Memories are made of this” - we know the years are rolling on but have you ever taken a ride back?  Recently I had to sign up to a new car insurance deal and I was required to disclose my year of birth.  In the online form I put my cursor on the year window and soon found myself moving in the opposite direction to up.  The down ride seemed to go on forever and I began to wonder if my birth year would actually show.  It did – 83 floors down!  Instead of clicking, ‘agree’ immediately, I decided to have a bit of fun, I spun the year wheel upwards and let it stop wherever it wanted.  I got off at that level for a while and asked myself – “Was that a happy or sad year?  Did I learn, or do, anything new?  Was I travelling?  How was my family then?  Who were my friends in those days? What was happening on the world scene?” etc. etc.  I did that several times stopping off at various locations and taking in the scenery.  That fun time did me good.  It made me more grateful than ever for the years I’ve enjoyed and for the ability to remember them. (Some of my dearest friends are unable to do that now). I was reminded of family who have loved me, friends who have stood by me and beliefs that have strengthened me and held me steady.  Do go down memory lane while you can, and record those memories for others to treasure and enjoy.  Barry Denholm, President.


New Members Morning Tea:  A reminder that our New Members Morning Tea will be held on April 14th at 10 a.m in the Community Centre.  Those of you who are new members will already have received an invitation recently from President Barry to attend but have you replied?  We need to know if you are coming or not by Wednesday 7th April.  Please reply to Barry at or phone him on 021 0679074.  Thanks. 


Study Groups: Your Committee is always keen to learn of any subjects or topics for Study Groups that members would like to be considered for inclusion in our Schedule.  Please contact our Study Group Convenors, Gary Preston or John Hole with your ideas.


A Second Reading Group:  We have had a strong “Book Reading Group” for many years led by Claire Relph with their number limited to 15.  A year ago there was interest in forming another reading group, though with the Covid-19 “lockdown” it never got going.  We know that a number of you are in reading groups outside U3A but you are encouraged to join a second reading group within our U3A.  It would be a 2 hour meeting once a month.




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Part of the session would be given over to individuals commenting on interesting books they have read, while the other topic would be to discuss a book that hopefully we have all read recently.  There has always been a problem in groups gaining a library copy of a book or buying it, but if members have access to a Kindle, this is not a problem.  Please let Ashley Wilson know if you are interested – 521 0112 or


“Celebrating U3A in Action 2021” – The date for this annual event is Thursday 29th July. Guest speaker is Steve Braunias, writer and satirist.  Full details of how to register for this popular event are on the attached sheet. 


Membership Contact Details:  An updated membership list has been sent to members recently.   Please note that these details are confidential to U3A St. Heliers members only.


Morning Tea arrangements:  A reminder that we have two morning tea outlets; one at the back of the hall and a second one in the Welcome area.  Once you have your tea or coffee please feel free to circulate to either area and socialize with other members.


St. Heliers U3A  Website:  Our website is updated every month by Kathy Slater.  Newsletters, recent photos, relevant information on study groups and much more can be found on this interesting site.


U3A On-line Courses:  These are available to all members. The online contact details are:

There is no requirement for payment to access the course content.  Access will enable a review of the study content and further details relating to independent or supervised study.  If you are interested in any of the papers, please let Kathy Slater know,  or phone 5783232, and she will download the material as Auckland U3A network has already been registered and paid.


Name Badge:  A reminder to all members, and especially our new members, that you should put the name and contact details of your preferred contact person on the back on your name badge in case of any emergency.  Please ensure that you wear your Name Badge to all U3A meetings.  


U3A St. Heliers History Booklet:  This interesting booklet was updated and reprinted for our 25th Anniversary and is available for purchase for $10. Copies will be available at the April  meeting.   Highly recommended especially for our new members.


U3A Lapel Badges:  We are now able to offer ‘pin’ as well as ‘magnet’ lapel badges.  These will be available for purchase ($5 each) at the April  meeting.  See Heather Baigent.


Almoner:  If you are aware of any member who is ill or incapacitated, or suffering bereavement, would you please contact our Almoner, Susan Soper, (09) 578 3305 or  email


Monthly Meeting Protocol:  Please ensure that you register at the Greeting Table when you arrive.  Please send any apologies to Robin Bowkett, at  tel. 521 1953 or 021 956 909.  (Not to the Newsletter Editor)



DEADLINE for May  Newsletter & Study Groups Update:  email to  by Sunday, 25th April (Anzac weekend) or earlier which is my preference.




The Aim of U3A

Those who teach shall also learn and those who

learn shall also teach.


Peter Laslett, founder of U3A UK, 1981