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March 2020 Newsletter

General Meeting - Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 9:30 a.m

                 St. Heliers Church Community Centre - Centennial Hall -  100 St Heliers Bay Road 



THIS MONTH, WEDNESDAY, 4th March   - MAIN SPEAKER – Kaye Davies - “New Strategies for Healthy Living”

Kaye Davis, NZRN Nurse Consultant, has spent over 20 years immersed in a topic that many of us would prefer not to address directly.  Because while there are many good things that naturally occur as a consequence of growing older – wisdom, experience, a wider circle of loved ones, and more comfort and security in our sense of self – it’s usually the things we fear – like declining health – that are at the forefront of our minds.

Until 2 years ago, Kaye Davies worked as Senior Community Nurse Specialist at the Auckland District Health Board.  During that time she saw the often tragic consequences of taking a head-in-the-sand approach to aging.  Her response?  An innovative, more holistic, person-centered approach to nursing and supporting older adults, which saw her receive The Cecile Thompson award for the remarkable difference she made to patients in the community.

Today, Kaye’s an evangelist for a more thoughtful, proactive and planned approach to aging.  This approach is at the heart of her Auckland Nurse Consultant service for older people and their families, “Giving Time”.  We look forward to welcoming her to our March meeting.


Study Group Presentations:  Poetry and Prose;  Global Issues

Mini Speaker:   Annette Denholm

Kitchen duty:    Classic Films;  Modern History


NEXT MONTH – Wednesday,   1st April


Main Speaker:  Tessa Duder – “How James Cook Charted Aotearoa NZ”

Mini Speaker:  Ashley Wilson

Study Group Presentations: Gallery Visits 1;  Art History

Kitchen Duty:  Music;  Countries of the World


President’s Message:   I had a three day visit to Melbourne as the New Zealand representative on the U3A online committee.  Really, this is a great resource and there are so many courses covering a wide range of topics.  One course in particular that is popular is “My Story” which provides a guideline for writing your own story.  How often do we hear a comment, when families are together, which triggers our interest and then when trying to follow up it appears that many in the family have heard ‘something’ but not quite sure of the ‘facts’ and various interpretations are often proposed somewhat disconnected from the reality.  Maybe this is something that could be considered – accessing the course details and either getting together as a group or completing the course as an individual to ensure that details relating to our lives are those that we want to be circulated.


Watching the news on Australian TV indicates that the country is facing similar social problems to our own, but one interesting fact that was advised – nearly 40%  of children in Australia attend private or integrated schools compared to 15% of New Zealand children.


U3A On-line Courses:  These are available to all members. The online contact details are:

There is no requirement for payment to access the course content.  Access will enable a review of the study content and further details relating to independent or supervised study.  If you are interested in any of the papers, please let Kathy Slater know,  or phone 5783232, and she will download the material as Auckland U3A network has already been registered and paid.


Study Groups:  Your Committee is always keen to learn of any subjects or topics for Study Groups that members would like to be considered for inclusion in our Schedule.  Please contact our Study Group Convenors, Gary Preston or John Hole with your ideas.

Morning Tea arrangements:  A reminder that we have two morning tea outlets; one at the back of the hall and a second one in the Welcome area.  Those on the left side of the auditorium are requested to go to the outlet in the  Welcome area on the left, and those seated on the right side should use the tea outlet at the back of the hall.  However, once you have your tea or coffee please feel free to circulate to either area and socialize with other members.


St. Heliers U3A  Website:  Our website is updated every month by Kathy Slater.  Newsletters, recent photos, relevant information on study groups and much more can be found on this interesting site.


March Auckland Library Presentation:  Details of this very interesting and informative talk on eResources at the library are available on our website as above.


Name Badge:  A reminder to all members, and especially our new members, that you should put the name and contact details of your preferred contact person on the back on your name badge in case of any emergency.  Please ensure that you wear your Name Badge to all U3A meetings.  


U3A St. Heliers History Booklet:  This interesting booklet was updated and reprinted for our 25th Anniversary and is available for purchase for $10. Copies will be available at the March meeting.   Highly recommended especially for our new members.


U3A Lapel Badges:  We are now able to offer ‘pin’ as well as ‘magnet’ lapel badges.  These will be available for purchase ($5 each) at the March meeting.  See Heather Baigent.


Travelling Overseas:  If you are planning to travel this year, please do remember to register with the Safe Travel website, operated by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  If anything happens while you are travelling - floods, earthquakes, terrorist attacks – and the Ministry know you are in the area, the local NZ Embassy will look for you and check that you are OK.     Go to


Almoner:  If you are aware of any member who is ill or incapacitated, or suffering bereavement, would you please contact our Almoner, Jocelyn Sadler phone: 528 6173 or  email or mobile: 021 872570


Monthly Meeting Protocol:  Please ensure that you register at the Greeting Table when you arrive.  Please send any apologies to Robin Bowkett, at  tel. 521 1953 or 021 956 909.  (Not to the Newsletter Editor)               


New members:  We warmly welcome the following new members:

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DEADLINE for April Newsletter & Study Groups Update:  email to  by Sunday, 22nd  March  2020 (or earlier).




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Peter Laslett, founder of U3A UK, 1981