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November 2019 Newsletter

Wednesday 6th November, 2019 at 9:30 a.m


St. Heliers Church Community Centre - Centennial Hall -  100 St Heliers Bay Road



WILL BE HELD BEFORE MORNING TEA – followed by our Main Speaker

(Documents relating to the AGM will be sent to members separately)



THIS MONTH, WEDNESDAY, 6th November   - MAIN SPEAKER – Dr. Stephen Hoadley –  Dr. Hoadley is Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Auckland.  He earned his Doctorate at the University of California and has taught at Universities in Santa Barbara, St. Louis, Honk Kong and Kobe.  He has practiced journalism in Asia and currently he contributes commentaries to NZ and overseas media.  He is an Honorary Captain in the Royal New Zealand Navy, Honorary Professor of the NZ Defence Force Command and Staff College and Life Member of the NZ Institute of International Affairs. 


“Where Will The New Silk Road Lead?  The View from China”  Beijing’s recent initiatives including the New Silk Road and Made in China 2025 are attracting admiration but also provoking anxiety about longer-term negative consequences for China’s neighbours.  Military policies such as the A2/AD, 2nd Island Chain, and South China Sea doctrines and also China’s ‘debt-trap’ loans to Pacific Islands governments, appear indirectly to challenge the post-WWII role of the United States in Asia, with possible destabilisation of the hegemonic consensus that underpins Pacific rim prosperity.  How do China’s leaders justify their assertive policies?  What is China’s future role in the world as seen from Beijing? Dr Hoadley will set the geo-political stage and sketch China’s perspectives on it.  Audience members with recent engagement with China will be welcome to comment.


No mini speaker or Study Group Presentations


Kitchen duty:  Poetry and Prose;  Gallery Visits 1   


NEXT MONTH – Wednesday,  4th December

We will have our Christmas end-of-year function with musical entertainment provided by “Heart Strings”, followed by our Christmas morning tea.  A charge of $10 p.p. applies for this function.  In order that we know numbers for catering, please pre pay as per details in attachment to this Newsletter.  Our Treasurer Phil Youens will be taking payment at the November meeting.


President’s Message:  With the arrival of Spring and Labour Weekend, we find another year drawing to a close.  Where does the time go?  It is a sobering thought that Elvis Presley would now be 84 years old if he were still around.  A reminder that we should all live every day to the full.

Our AGM will be held at our November meeting and I’m pleased to report that we have received nominations for all the Officers and Committee positions.  This is encouraging, as an organisation like ours can only thrive if it enjoys active participation by its members.  If any member would like to formally raise an issue on the AGM agenda, please contact our secretary Hugh Campbell at or phone 521 2579.

Study Groups - time to think about what groups you would like to join or continue with for next year and if you would consider a Convenor role.


Subscriptions 2020:  All subscriptions are due by February 2020 payable by cash, cheque or preferably by Direct Debit.  Details for payment are on the attachment to this Newsletter. 


Study Groups:  Study Group registration sign-up sheets for 2020 will be available at the November and December meetings.  Please take the time to check these out and see which are of interest to you.  You must sign up even if you are already a member of a 2019 group.


If you have any suggestions/topics  for new Study Groups for next year (and are prepared to help set it up), then please contact our Study Group Coordinator, Kathy Slater, at  with your ideas.


Please note that we have had to increase the small charge to members of Study Groups which meet at the Kohimarama Presbyterian Church Hall, to $10 per person per year per Study Group to help

cover costs of Hall hire. The full cost for hiring this Hall is still subsidised by St. Heliers U3A.  This  increase  will take effect in 2020.


St. Heliers U3A  Website: Check out our website which is updated every month by Kathy Slater.  Newsletters, recent photos, relevant information on study groups and much more can be found on this interesting site.  Do check as you might be missing something! 


Network News:  Auckland U3A Network represents 26 U3As from Franklin to Warkworth and has a membership of around 3,600.  We are looking for a member who would be interested in taking on the position of U3A Network Representative for St. Heliers for next year.  The Network representatives meet 6 times a year in Auckland.  Please contact Heather Baigent at (mob: 021776388) for further information.  


U3A Lapel Badges:  We have ‘pin’ as well as ‘magnet’ lapel badges.  These are available for purchase ($5 each) at the November meeting.


U3A On-line Courses:  These are available to all members. The online contact details are:  There is no requirement for payment to access and review the course content and further details relating to independent or supervised study.  If you are interested in any papers, please let Kathy Slater know,  or phone 5783232, and she will download the material as Auckland U3A Network has already registered as an organisational member.


U3A St. Heliers History Booklet:  This interesting booklet was updated and reprinted for our 25th Anniversary and is available for purchase for $10.  We do hope you will support us by buying a copy of this booklet.  It will be available at the November  Meeting.


Almoner:  If you are aware of any member who is ill or incapacitated, or suffering bereavement, would you please let our Almoner, Jocelyn Sadler know so that she can contact them. Phone: 528 6173, mobile 021 872 570 or email


Name Badges:  A reminder to all members, and especially our new members, that you should put the name and contact details of your preferred contact person on the back on your name badge in case of any emergency.  Please wear your Name Badge to all U3A meetings.  


Monthly Meeting Protocol:  Please register at the Greeting Table when you arrive.  Please send any apologies to Heather Baigent at tel .575 6769, mob. 021 776 388 or Robin Bowkett, at  tel. 521 1953 or 021 956 909.                  



DEADLINE for December Newsletter (No Study Groups Schedule):  email to  Jill Thompson at by Sunday, 24th November  2019 (or earlier).





The Aim of U3A

Those who teach shall also learn and those who

learn shall also teach.


Peter Laslett, founder of U3A UK, 1981