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Antiques and Collectables


Convener - Jill Brewis-Henroid and Katharine Hanning


We meet on the second Thursday of the month in the Kohimarama Presbyterian Church Hall at 2.00 pm. 

Each meeting will have a chosen topic and members will bring along an example, if they have one,

and discuss the background. One or two members be will nominated to research the topic in more

depth and present to the group.  We also have visits to places of interest to view collections of

Antiques or represent ‘times gone by’.


Art History


Convener - Sue Bhargav


We meet in the Kohimarama Presbyterian Church Lounge on the third Tuesday of the month at 2.00 p.m. 

Art History is the study of both the “major” arts of painting, sculpture and architecture as well as the

“minor” arts of ceramics, furniture and other decorative objects taking in their stylistic context and

historical development, i.e. genre, design, format and style.  This year we will be studying the

Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque and Neoclassical periods.  Group members take turns in

researching and making a presentation of about 20-25 minutes on a given topic. 


Book Reviews


Convener - Claire Relph


We meet in members’ homes on the first Thursday of the month at 10 am.

This group is in its 17th year and must have already discussed about 150 books, but the members

never run short of more books to study. Each month we all read the same book and share our often

varied opinions of the book. The membership of the group is kept at about 12/13, in order to give

everyone a chance to contribute.  At present we have room for one or two more.


Classic Films – Thursday

Conveners - Pamela Hunter and Katherine Swift 


We meet at the Media Room in the St Andrews Community Centre on the 4th Thursday of the month at 


We watch a selection of films that are considered classic - the criteria is quite wide.  These are chosen

by members of the group and an in depth critique discussion following the viewing of the film covers a

range of aspects - scenery, plot, acting performance etc.

Countries of the World (1) – What makes them Tick”


Convener - Heather Baigent 


We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, in the Kohi Presbyterian Church Lounge at 2pm. 

Members take turns at researching and presenting on a country or region that interests them. 

Presentations are an overview covering the history, economy, culture and political situation of the

chosen country.  We try to have two 40-minute presentations per meeting, but more complex

topics may take a double session.

Current Affairs



Convener - Bryan Nicholson


The Current Affairs Group meets on the third Monday of the month at Grace Joel Retirement Village

third floor lounge at 10 am. Each member brings news items from newspapers, periodicals or the

internet on national or international topics of interest which are presented and discussed.

The interchange is stimulating and the morning tea is provided gratis courtesy of the village.


Earth Science


Conveners - Lawre Taylor and Janet Barnard


The Earth science group is looking at any things within geology chemistry, prehistory and astronomy.
This year the focus is on the geological timescale and we are working through what is known about

each from the Precambrian to the present-day.  We supplement this with lectures from DVDs to

broaden the scope of what we can speak about.  We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month


Famous and Infamous


Convener - Gary Preston  


We meet in the Kohi Presbyterian Lounge at 10.00 am on the second Thursday of each month.  We

have a short quiz to start, with each member contributing a question, and much discussion about

the answers. This is followed usually with two presentations by members, discussing the lives of

famous or infamous people, and further discussion.  We have ten members at present and new

members are welcome.

Gallery Visits 1


Convener - Cheryl Ellis


Gallery Visits1-meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month. We visit a range of current art exhibitions

in Auckland. These vary from the traditional to the ultra modern. Usually we have some guidance

and explanation from the gallery to extend our knowledge and hopefully widen our horizons. We try

to keep an open mind!.


Gallery Visits 2


Convener - Margaret Bell


We are an enthusiastic bunch who meet on the third Friday of each month at 10am. Each member

takes a turn to search out a gallery or exhibition that they think the group would be interested in and

then organise a tour either with a tour director from the gallery or exhibition or research the

information themselves. The morning finishes with a cup of coffee and maybe lunch at the

nearest cafe. We have seen a wide variety of “art” in all forms.


Heritage Walks


Convener - Mary Walker and Christine Fryer


We meet on the fourth Monday of the month with the objective of exploring Auckland’s heritage

and social history through research by members of our group.  Our walks has found our group

in Onehunga, Devonport, Ponsonby and Mount Eden but with many more places on our list –

provided there is a coffee shop!  


Global Issues


Convener - John Hole


We meet on the first Tuesday of the month in the Kohi Presbyterian Church lounge at 1.30 pm.

We discuss the big issues facing the World at the present time, taking turns at preparing and

presenting short talks on the issue under discussion. If you wish to develop a better understanding

of the complex and challenging issues the world is facing this is the group for you.

At present we have 15 members and have room for several more.


Poetry and Prose


Convener: Sue Youens


"The Poetry and Prose group is a small group meeting at Grace Joel Retirement Village on the

first Monday of the month at 1000am.  We are a very informal group and sit around a table

sharing a love of poetry and prose.  As a group we select a subject for each month of the year,

and each read out our choice of literature - whether it be funny or serious, modern or traditional,

of New Zealand or overseas origin.  We have light discussions on the subjects read, and share

a delicious morning tea provided by Grace Joel!  We are always very happy to welcome new members.


Modern History


Convener  -  Gary Preston  


We meet in the Kohi Presbyterian Lounge at 1.30 pm on the third Thursday of each month. We

study the history of various countries, mainly focused on the last 300 years.  Members volunteer

to research a topic and prepare a talk, and we would usually have two or three presentations,

with much discussion, at each meeting. We are concluding our study of Korea, and will soon be

making a start on the history of Italy. This is a very popular group and membership is presently

at the maximum limit of 24 .Vacancies may arise during the year.



Convener - Kathy Slater


The members of this group attend a range of music presentations.   Each month a member identifies

and advises of a selection of music presentations and then arranges care pooling and ticketing.   

There is also the opportunity to join as a group and listen or watch musical performances at

members homes.  The overall objective is to enjoy a wide selection of music which leads to

discussion relating to the composer, the influences that existed at various times and how these

factors may may have been a factor in the compositions that resulted

Stepping Out


Convener - Julie Thompson and Inie Kroef


“The Stepping Out Group meets on the 2nd Monday of every month.   Our objective is to have

walks in various parks or places of interest around Auckland  such as Murwai Beach or the

Domain or Cornwall Park.  Information about the walking areas is presented by members of the

group.  The walk are generally not strenuous and would suit a moderately fit person.   Currently

we have 17 members and new members are welcome”


Theatre Visits


Convener - Robin Nicholson

The Theatre Visits Group meets on the third Tuesday of the month at the Community Centre

St. Andrews Village, 207 Riddell Road ,Glendowie.     Our aim is to support and study live theatre 

and we usually visit one performance each month. We particularly like Community Theatres

which are more affordable, with an occasional School Productions or a special film. At our

meetings we discuss productions we have seen and decide on our future programme.


Word Puzzles


Convener - Robyn REynolds and Janice Figge


Meets on the second Wednesday of the month in members’ homes at 1.30pm.  Our main interest

is solving cryptic crosswords but we also include other word puzzles.  We set homework for

members and discuss the answers at our next meeting. Conveners – This is shared. The host

acts as convener for that meeting and supplies afternoon tea. We do have room for a few more

members at this stage.  If interested please contact the acting convener. See the details of the

name of the host and where the meeting will be held in the monthly newsletter