Study Group Schedule September


Antiques and Collectables

Each meeting has a chosen topic and members bring along an example or two and discuss the background.  One member may be nominated to research the topic in more depth.  We also have occasional visits to places of interest to view collections of antiques or interesting bygones.

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Art History

Is the study of both the 'major' arts of painting, sculpture and architecture as well as the 'minor' arts of ceramics, furniture and other decorative objects taking in their stylistic context and historical development ie genre, design, format and style.


Book Review 1

Although this group is in its 17th year we still have more books to read.  Each month we read the same book and share our often varied opinion of the book.


Book Review 2

The group discussion is based on the various books members have read over the past month.  A summary of the books is circulated to the group. This structure enables members to become familiar with a range of authors.  A newsletter 'Letters of  Bok Addict' i is also available to members.

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 Classic Films

The group watch a selection of films that meet the 'classic' criteria which is a wide context. The films are chosen by members and the discussion following the viewing covers a wide range of aspects - scenery, plot acting performance etc.

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Countries of the world - what makes them tick? 

Driven by curiosity, desire for knowledge and understanding the members take turns at researching and presenting on the history, economy, culture and political situation of a country or region that interests them.


Current Affairs

The interchange between group members is provided by individual contributions of news items from newspapers, periodicals, or the internet.  The items can be either national or international.  Because of the broad range of subject content the discussions provide extensive learning opportunities.


Earth Science 

The research undertaken by members of this group includes geology,, chemistry, prehistory and astronomy.  Discussion has covered the geological timescale, aspects of landscape the influence of structural chemistry as a contributor to earth.s easy.



Famous and Infamous

Each meeting commences with a 'guess who' quiz about an individual who meets either criteria.  Two presentations based on the concept of the person being defined as infamous or famous provides wide ranging discussion and often debate.


Gallery Visits 1

Monthly visits to a wide of current art exhibitions in Auckland. The art varies from the traditional to the ultra modern.  Often our visits are supported by a person from the gallery giving us in depth guidance and explanations of particular art.  

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Gallery Visits 2

Generally the group visits Art Galleries in and around Auckland City, but visits have also covered excursions to the Botanical Gardens and Waiheke when special events such as sculptures are available for viewing.  Visits are followed by an analysis of visual content.


Global Issues

The objective of this group is to enable members to develop a better understanding of the complex and challenging issues the world is facing.  Individual presentations cover specific concepts and provide wide ranging discussion.

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Heritage Walks

Our objective is to identify, explore, view and experience Auckland's Heritage.   Members identify potential locations for research and the result has resulted a greater awareness of both the history, heritage and influence of these factors in the development of Auckland.


Modern History

Research is focused on the various aspects of history in all and any country over the last 300 years. Individual presentations relating to  American history from the Civil War provided wide ranging discussion and analysis.

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This is an informal group of individuals who enjoy music and though, often attend recitals on their own, also know the pleasure of sharing both the visual and audio experience with others  


Poetry and Prose

Each month has a subject or theme which provides the basis for the selection of individual contributions to the round table.  The range is broad, funny, serious, modern, traditional, New Zealand or international - all provide major discussion.

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Whilst one of the focus of this group is to develop word skills, there is also the added challenge related to playing a game with a desire to win.  Sharing and challenging also enables warm friendship.

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Stepping Out

The objective of the group is to have walks in various parks or places of interest in and around Auckland - Muriwai Beach, the Domain, Cornwall Park.  Information relating to the location of the walks is prepared and presented by members of the group.

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Theatre Visits

Our aim is to support and study live theatre usually visiting one performance each month.  We particularly support Community Theatres and school productions.

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Word Puzzles

The challenge successfully completing cryptic puzzles is an aspect of this group,

 but their activities are not specific to just cryptic.  Homework is set for members to provide discussion at the next meeting.

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Scribblers Ink

The word ABRACADABRA in Hebrew means 'in speaking I shall create'. Commencing with an activity to spark ideas for a short writing storm we share ideas without judgement. The sharing continues with individual submissions.  We are bound only by our imagination ....